Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cameron Highland@Pahang

Cameron Highland is one of the hill resort in Malaysia with 5,000 ft (1,500 m) above sea level and it is the highest area on the mainland and cool climate, with temperatures no higher than 25 °C and rarely falls below 12°C year-round. Cameron Highlands is actually a district in the state of Pahang Darul Makmur although the road entrance is via Tapah and Simpang Pulai in the state of Perak Darul Ridzuan.

One of the best tourist spot every year with tea plantation, butterfly farm, strawberry farms, rose gardens and vegetable gardens as an attraction beside cool temperature.Other features include Cactus Point and Cactus Valley.

For accommodation, Cameron highland offered you from lodge to 5star hotel such as EQUATORIAL RESORT, HERITAGE HOTEL, CASA de la ROSA, THE LAKEHOUSE, ROSA PASSADENA,THE SMOKEHOUSE HOTEL & RESTAURANT,STRAWBERRY PARK RESORT. Beside hotels, Cameron highland also have an apartment and bungalow or Chalets & Guest Houses depend on your budget.

For detail hotel. please check http://www.cameronhighlands.com

Getting Here...
Well if you driving from Kl, you have 2 options either to take Tapah road or Simpang Pulai. If you using Tapah road, make sure your driving skill is excellent as the road is really dangerous and a lot of big truck and lorry using the same road. Should drive carefully. Using Tapah road is more dangerous but it save your time compare to Simpang Pulai, but for safety, try to use Simpang Pulai if you are not confident with Cameron Highland road. Just a friendly advise .Basically it will takes around 3.5hr -4.5hr from Kl to Cameron Highland.If you taking Tapah road you will be reaching Ringlet and then Tanah Rata and lastly is Brinchang.

If you reach Ringlet, its looks like a small town and along the road you could see view of tea plantation mostly. Reaching at Tanah Rata more likely a main town where you can find a lot of shop selling tea, roses and products from Cameron Highland. Beside, if you are the coffee lover and can't stop having coffee, you can hang out at Starbucks @Tanah Rata..finally its open in 2008(last year in 2007 during my last visited, it's still no sign of starbucks). If you need a bank, there is few banks in Tanah Rata such as Hsbc,Cimb, Agro Bank and Maybank. No worries...
You could find a lot of restaurant at Tanah Rata and Brinchang including Secret Recipes, Marry Brown Shop and other local shop.

Places that you have to go including Sg Palas Boh Plantation, Markets and Strawberry Farm. There is few tea plantation at Cameron but if you go to Boh Plantation, you could experience the history of the tea making and visit to factory. Beside they also have restaurant @hang out places at Sg Palas Boh Plantation that offered variety of tea. What a cool place.
Road to Sg Palas is more dangerous compare to other road along Cameron Highland( It's look like only can fit 1 vehicle at 1 time). Just try to drive slowly.

For strawberry farm, you could choose as there is a lot of strawberry farm but some of them do not offer pluck your own strawberry .Like Raju strawberry farm, they don't allowed you to pluck strawberry but you can buy from counter .They also selling strawberry's ice-cream,blended and etc. Different then EQ Strawberry Farm, they offered pluck your own strawberry and you can eat with honey or whipped cream on the spot. Just go and try yourself.

The Markets is one of main tourist market is located around Kea Farm but you can also find many of them all along the main road from Ringlet to Kg.Raja.You can get everything here from potted plants, fresh flowers, cactus, strawberries, vegetables, tea and other Cameron Highlands produce.A small coffeshop and cartoon strawberry garden can also be found here.

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